Please come and visit us at our adoption day in Petmania Tralee this Sunday 2nd October 2022 and meet some of the many dogs we have for adoption! We have dogs/pups/kittens/bunnies in need of a loving forever home. Come talk to the volunteers who know the dogs and can advise you on which dog would suit you and your family.

On the day we will have;

Dempsey – Pomeranian X, 9yrs old, a true gent. Gets on well with other dogs and sweet natured. Unfortunately his owner passed away and came to us with his pal to the rescue. His friend found his forever home but Dempsey was left behind and is crying out for his own second chance. Could this be you?

Joey – Boxer/Collie X, 1 years old, a beautiful boy inside and out. Sweet natured, playful and gets on great with other dogs. All he wants is a family to call his own. He came to the rescue as a little of pups and he’s the only one left. He watched all his brothers/sisters get their forever home and he just wants his own chance.

Collie Pups – Male and Female 14 weeks. Found in an abandoned building. The only two left. Beautiful addition to any family. Come meet them.

These are just the dogs we will have on the day. Have a look at our ‘For Adoption’ space on our website to look at our other beautiful animals needing their forever home.

See you there! X


NEW Clothes Bins

NEW Clothes Bins

We are a small not-for-profit rescue organisation that is dedicated to helping huskies, wolf type breeds and their owners that are in need. Although dedicated to huskies we will not hesitate to help any breed of dog, cat or wildlife. Every case will be treated individually and no judgement will be passed, as we all know and have experienced from time to time changes in circumstances.  Even people with the best will and intention in the world have found themselves having to surrender their fur family member.  We will help in any way we can be it advice, rescue and re-homing. We are 100% volunteer based at our rescue site in Lisselton and charity shop in Rock Street, Tralee. As we receive no government funding the running costs are funded by donations and our charity shop.

The rescue is currently experiencing extreme financial difficulties due to the rising costs in living, for example our brand of dog food alone has increased in price by 9 euro per bag since March 33 ,over 30 percent and the rescue on average uses up to 8 bags each week. This is outside of the medical grade food we also use for dogs and cats with specific dietary requirements. As you all know electricity costs have gone through the roof. At the rescue we have many abandoned/rescued reptiles such as snakes and bearded dragons, it is paramount for their survival that the reptile house be kept at between 27 and 29 degrees. We have a huge amount of abandoned puppies which need heat lamps to keep them warm. All costs are rising hugely including vets, vaccines, medications etc and it is a huge struggle at the moment. We are extremely grateful for the support we receive but are very concerned about the coming winter as costs seem to be continuing to rise each day.
Clothes from the clothes banks will be distributed to the poorest regions of the world.
If you would like help in anyway please donate through our PayPal PayPal

We are thankful to have a new source of funding for our rescue with our clothes bins. These clothes bins will greatly help the animals in need at our rescue and future animals that may come into our care. If you are a business owner and would like to help our cause, then could you please contact us at 087 351 2719 or to possibly put one of our clothes bins on your commercial property. Every clothes bin we have is helping to provide the necessary funds needed to aid these animals.

Please see below a snippet of our contract with Autex Ltd and some of the animals saved by our rescue centre.

Adoption Day Petmania Tralee 2nd July

Adoption Day Petmania Tralee 2nd July

Adoption Day in Petmania Tralee 12 – 4pm on July 2nd 2022.

See below some of the animals that are still up for adoption.

Your best furry friend could be waiting for you!

Abbie’s Rescue Diary

Abbie’s Rescue Diary

Hi, im Abbie and im 12 years of age, living in County Kerry. I love all dogs and have wanted my very own puppy for a long time and this is my adoption story.

April 2020

After many months of begging, pleading and bribing my parents to get me a puppy they finally said “YES”. We looked at a lot of websites and shelters when eventually we found a litter of puppies that had been brought into Sera Huskey, we had to make sure that they were the right breed because we already have another dog at home.

2nd May 2020

A few weeks had gone by and it was time to see the puppies. My dad and uncle went to Sera Huskey to see the puppies. Maurice from Sera Huskey then said that my dad could bring me and my sister in to pick one of the puppies another day. I was so excited.

9th May 2020

So the Saturday arrived when it was time to see the pup. After lunch we all hopped into the car and went to Lisselton to see the puppies. I loved all of them but one of them really caught my eye, he was black and brown and really sweet. Sadly we had to leave a little while later but when we got home at dinner that evening, my dad told me that someone would be coming the first or second week in June around my birthday, to bring the puppy home. I was so happy, my dream was coming true.

10th May 2020

Today I went around asking everyone for a good name and a lot of people agreed with BOOTS because his tiny paws were brown so he looked like he had boots on. I also thought that it went well with the name of our family dog “LOLA”.

1st June 2020

Today my Dad and I fixed up a new outside pen for Boots, so that he would be safe if i was busy or didn’t have time to play with him or bring him indoors. We fixed up a corner in the back with a bed and shelter from the rain.

8th June 2020

My mom came home after work today and sat me down and told me that BOOTS was being dropped off tomorrow. Luckily we had gone to Pet Mania in the morning and bought a new lead, a dog bed and some new bowls.

9th June 2020

The day finally arrived. Boots was brought to my house at 2pm today. I couldn’t contain my excitement. I took Boots from my my mom and started to cuddle him straight away. He is so adorable. I introduced him to our dog Lola and Boots was very excited to see another dog. Lola was a bit unsure. After Maurice had finished explaining all about the pup, he left to re-home more dogs and BOOTS was mine. I spent the day playing with Boots, and after he was so tired he slept for hours.