Restricted Breed Rules

There are rules and regulations!

When it comes to adopting a dog, there are rules to certain breed of dog that needs to be considered, this is due to the rules from the Control of Dogs Regulations 1998. Please scroll down the page to see these rules as well as other regulations towards other breeds of animals.

As part of the Control of Dogs Regulations 1998 these rules are in relation to the following breeds:

  • American pit bull terrier
  • English bull terrier
  • Staffordshire bull terrier
  • Bull mastiff
  • Dobermann pinscher
  • German shepherd (Alsatian)
  • Rhodesian ridgeback
  • Rottweiler
  • Japanese akita
  • Japanese tosa
  • Bandog

The rules state for these dogs are:


  • Be kept on a short strong lead (no more than 2 meters) by a person over 16 years who is capable of controlling them
  • Be muzzled at all times whenever they are in a public place
  • Wear a collar or tag bearing the name and address of their owner at all times