Age: 18 months

Sex: Male

Breed: Rottweiler / Newfoundland X

Hey everyone, my name is Sumo, I am a lockdown puppy. I am a high energy boy and due to this and my size, I would not suit a household with children under 16 years old. I am a big boisterous boy and would be too excitable for smallies. I like my space and must be in a home as an only dog. Also, no small furies please, the temptation to chase them is too much for me. I am a bit nervous when I first meet new people and I may bark as I am unsure, but when I get to know you, I am just a big puppy truly affectionate and as mad as a hatter , I do love a snuggle. I still need some training on the lead as I am really strong. As they put it, I am a work in progress. I can tell they all love me though as I am a pure rogue.

Love Sumo xx