One of the sadder parts of rescue is when we get old dogs surrendered,some are for genuine reasons but none the less it’s sad,some of these dogs will live there days out at the rescue due to medical issues,most still enjoy a day out so on the 29th of feb we’re going to bring a number of them to Tralee for a day out,all are either on some medication or special dietary food which costs the rescue a lot so we’re hoping to raise some funds to help them by holding a coffee morning and bake sale,if you would like to donate some baked goods please do,it would be much appreciated or pop along and give an old dog a hug,they will forever be very grateful to you,we love old dogs and they deserve as much,if not more care than any other dog we take in.

Where: Sera Husky Animal Charity Shop
When: Saturday 29th February 2020
Time: 12pm – 4pm