We’re nearly six years old now and so far this year its been busier that ive ever know it,so many neglect cases have been called in its been difficult to keep up,some very difficult cases of dogs been abandoned in property’s where the owners have moved out and left the animals behind,many are undergoing Garda investigation so we cant talk too much about it but regardless we have to  move on and get these animals fit and ready for new homes,

We have taken in a large number of old dogs,dogs ranging from 10 to 16 years old and of course old dogs come with numerous issues,massive tumors/nails growing into pads/ruptured eardrums due to untreated infections and a number of animals with  kidney disease,personally I’d find it very hard to surrender my old buddy of 15 years but it has been done,some have been surrendered due to people’s ill health and we do what we can in these situations but regardless old dogs are a drain on our

resources but they deserve to see out the remainder of there live with a small bit of dignity,unfortunately its exceptionally hard to rehome older dogs as most people are looking for pups and younger dogs so many will have to live the remainder of there lives here.

So far we’ve taken in over a dozen dogs,a few cats,donkeys,swans and a pheasant and have had many requests for surrenders,i believe our mane roll is to help the animals that have been abandoned,abused and neglected,iam afraid non emergency surrenders are currently at the bottom of the list,so currently we have near a hundred animals on site at all times and with the way the weather is its making life very difficult and expensive,the electric bill rockets to thirty euros a day as along with a reptile house that has to be kept at a temp of 27/29 plus in this cold weather each kennel is heated,some dogs and cats that have undergone surgery need heat lamps on all day,we long for brighter and warmer weather

Its not all doom and gloom and we have been continually looking to rehome with some success,”patch”is a dog that was found in glin a number of months ago and were delighted hes found a home as he is deaf which presents its own problems but it has not deterred his new family,”meg”is a 7 year old who has found a home with experienced family in Killarney which is great as boxers sometimes have a short life span,we also have a number of cats going to new homes with two heading for carantoohill echo farm,i think there gonna have a fun time out there,one of our huskies who came from Dublin due to the family been unable to secure accommodation that allowed a dog also went to a new home and new family,were hoping a few more will find new homes in the coming weeks

HOW CAN YOU HELP:were always looking for Volunteers to help at the rescue weather to help doing the day to day jobs or just walk the dogs,a walked dog is a happy dog,were also looking for Volenteers in our shop on rock street in tralee,may suit people who dont have transport and live in tralee,call 066 7118429 for more information

Aside from the practical side of helping you can donate through paypal which will go to helping reduce our huge vet bill or you can set up a facebook page to raise funds,all donations are really appreciated and a huge help to keeps us doing what we do,

We have only recently launched our website with the help of SJS webdesign in Listowel,we’re adding new and practical advice sections in the coming weeks so please keep checking back with us and who knows,you may find your next best friend here

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Thank you for your continued support from all @ sera husky & animal rescue.