Last year we took two dogs from families who’s owners of the dogs sadly passed away, Skerry who is a beautiful malamute was very nervous of people and hated other dogs. She’s now good with people but

unfortunately other dogs are a no no. She’s eight years old, so she will stay with us. The other dog was this scamp Archie. He was a young dog but obviously missed his owner. He likes all the attention and as you can see he’s getting it all with David and Aisling, here, not on a mountain in Sweden or Germany who help hundreds of Irish huskies each year but, on a mountain on the Dingle Peninsula in West Kerry.

Archie has fallen on all four here and we’re not expecting everyone to have access to beautiful mountains like this but it’s a brilliant example of what your husky needs. Whether thinking of getting a husky or if you already own one, please be aware that some mountains are privately owned and despite numerous requests for dogs to be kept on leads, some irresponsible dog owners seem to believe that they don’t need to keep there dog on leads. This has led to many land owners refusing dogs permission as sheep can be anywhere on these mountains and its a simple and fair request. The ignorant and arrogant few have just spoiled it for the many responsible dog owners. Archie was on lead the whole time except for a few photos at the top and lets face it, I doubt he’s leaving these two anytime soon!!