Age: 2 Years
Sex: Female
Breed: German Shepherd X

Hi everyone, my name is Dokley. I was rescued from a lady with my friend Oakley. She was trying to look after all of us but unfortunately for her it was too big a task as there were too many of us. We were very hungry and too skinny, our bellies rumbled all day long. I would be your best friend forever if you give me lots of food to keep my belly full as it was empty for too long. I will jump up and give you endless kisses forever, if only you would let me. I would find it fantastic to spend my days walking around with you and getting plenty of exercise but a snuggle in the evenings would be my favourite part of the day.  I would show you every day how much I love you and how grateful I would be for a warm, loving, and happy forever home.

Dokley is the sweetest girl and would give you lots of hugs and kisses. She would make sure every day you knew exactly what you would mean to her. She’s full of fun and energy but also enjoys sunbathing and having her snoozes.

🐾 Love Dokley  xx