Age: 1 Year

Sex: Male

Breed: Long haired terrier

An absolute sweetheart of a boy, Teddy can be quiet to start with until he trusts you but once that trust is developed, he is full of joy and fun.

Teddys mission is to treat every day as a new adventure and is looking for his perfect partner-in-crime He loves playing and running around the rescue and has a huge personality, and don’t even get him started about how much fun he has with his partner in crime resident dog Freddy.  Just look at that cheeky face! At just a year old, Teddy is still a puppy. Teddy is sure to put a smile on your face with his crazy puppy antics.

Teddy was bought as a companion to a much older dog and was too playful for the older dog. What a handsome little prince! This boy would make a great addition to your family. Teddy is an active fellow who is eager to learn all there is about the big wide world. What a great reason for you all to get out and about!

If think you have the perfect family home for Teddy, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us now.

Love Teddy xx