Sex: Female
Age: 3 Years

Breed: Collie

Hi everyone, my name is Sally. I was surrendered by my previous family as they felt I was not very good at my job. I was supposed to be a working dog, but I wasn’t quite feeling it! I loved my owner so much I would rather sit inside with them than working. Instead, I have decided to live my life with lots of fun and affection instead. I am very happy with both my brother and sisters in my pen at the rescue, I even get along with the puppy but shhhh don’t tell her that! I would be forever grateful if you could find it within your heart to give me my forever home with you.

Sally is a good natured, loveable and boisterous young dog with lots of love and affection to give. Her recall is good and could be excellent given some extra training. Very sociable with other dogs and a good allrounder. A fabulous girl!

Love Sally xx