Sex: Male
Breed: Husky
Personality: Hi everyone, My name is Cody. I’ve been at the rescue now for 4 years. I was found at a landfill site. I was slow to trust anyone but my rescue family have shown me that I wasn’t “bad” and didn’t deserve what I went through.

I love going for walks and investigating the world with my human pals so an active household would suit me best.  I can jump quite high so I would require a secure garden and a 6-foot fence/wall to ensure my safety. I like to relax in the evening and reminisce on my adventures of the day.

Perhaps you’re the person to take a chance on me and show me what being part of a family looks like. The rewards will be endless and I will be your most loyal companion 🐾

Please visit the rescue to come and meet me! I promise you won’t be sorry 💕

To download Cody’s sheet please click here